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Nautical Cove Is So Excited To Get Their Latest, Greatest Products Finally Listed On!

To celebrate, hopefully generate some publicity, and get some awesome reviews, we've decided to practically give away products for free. Of course, people think we're crazy to do this, because we're going to lose money on every single sale, but we wanted to get the word out in a big way. So that's why you're getting such a great deal.

When you sign up for our discount club, you will receive special offers on either new items launching on amazon, old items that have come back into stock, or current items that we want to generate even more buzz about and get customer feedback.

Usually we give away a limited amount on each sale, so it's first come first serve when we sent out emails notifying customers of an offer. You will see products such as the one below given away for as low as $1!

Also, if you're an prime member, 2-day shipping is free!

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